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Lingerie Satin

Supportive 100% knitted lingerie satin fabric. Perfect fabric for bra cups and bra fame. Behaves very similarly to Duoplex. This is the same self fabric that is used in a lot of RTW brands! The fabric is stable in one direction with mechanical give in the opposite direction. 

Our store carries two qualities of Lingerie Satin.

Firm Lingerie Satin: Feels very much like Duoplex, has a firmer quality and less drape than our Shiny Lingerie Satin. 

Shiny Lingerie Satin: The correct side of the fabric is shiny and has a gorgeous luster to it. This quality has more drape and is softer than our Firm Lingerie Satin. 

For project ideas with this fabric, check out our Lingerie Satin Sewing Inspiration Pinterest Board


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